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Welcome to the world of new virtual currency Eco Coins.
Nowadays, most of recyclable material thrown into garbage. Hand over is complex and there no reward for most of it. Therefore, easiest way is to dispose it.
In 2013, only 31% of household waste was recycled in Estonia, which means that 2/3 goes to landfill, and now lies there, smells and pollute our land.
We plan to exchange recyclable material into virtual currency called Eco Coins.
Eco Coins can be exchanged into valuable gifts or can be used to win a lottery.
This way we will encourage people not to throw away recyclable material but handover to our partners in reward for Eco Coins. We add gamification process into ecology saving problem and we give consumers ability to measure Eco Footprint and use it to compete and share with friends.



Our well-coordinated team consists of knowledgeable, experienced people, real professionals in their field.

Sergei Prokopov

About: 20 years of software development experience, from mockup sketches signature until final products out. Now is leading software developer in the international company HireRight. Recently graduated management consultancy courses at the Open University of Great Britain. In this project I`m team leader.


Phone: +372 51 65 285

Skills: MVC MS SQL Azure Amazon AWS jQuery jQuery Mobile Java Script css3 bootstrap3 AJAX SpecFlow Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery

Aleksei Prokopov

About: 15 years of software development experience. Runs startup, takes part in the development of startup restaurant reservations. In this project deals with the development.


Skills: html5 css3 jquery bootstrap3

Ivan Semyonin

About: 8 years of experience in international company QA engineer position. In this project, acting as a designer.


Marjana Tsernusits


About: working in the field of logistics. In project is in communication with the partners and the financial section.


Dmitri Plotnikov

Dmitri Plotnikov

About: Freelance designer-makers, responsible for computer graphics. The creative approach and look at things.


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Wanted new members

We are waiting for all interested persons to get acquainted with our project and actively participate in its development. We are looking into our team designers, marketers, programmers and volunteers.
Write us about yourself to the address: or send a CV.

Skills may help us: c# MVC html5 css3 jquery bootstrap3 Design

Please donate this project


We will be very pleased if liked our project you you want to support us. You can become our sponsor or provide gifts that our activists were able to get over coins. Our project is non-profit and all the proceeds will be used to further development.

Thank you!

The make a donation via bank transfer to Sergei Prokopov EE801010031551026220 or use the PayPal link:

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