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To make participation in the project EcoCoins more interesting and attract more users, our team is conducting a lottery among all activists. Register, earn coins and you can win great prizes from our sponsors! Good luck!


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Are you eco-activist? Registered in EcoCoins project? Subscribed to our page in Facebook? Regular hand over bottles and used batteries? Chose not to use of plastic bags and joined our other eco activities? So you have accumulated enough eco-coins and now is the time to spend them with benefit! We have prepared an interesting and nature friendly gifts for you. Come and choose now!

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Here you can exchange your stuff for eco coins. Give your stuff a new life.




Complete the form and become our friend. Once you do, you will get 10 EcoCoins.

Registration = 10 EcoCoins

Phone exhibition

Would you like to take part of creation of Estonia's first phone exhibition?
Then you've reached the right place! In order to introduce the history and development of phone usage in Estonia, our team, together with project EV100, has decided to set up an exhibition of old phones.
You might have a seasoned desk phone or cellphone stored away somewhere. Look around, ask your friends and relatives.
Your old phone can have a second chance at life!
Reach out, fill out the form or send us an email activity@ecocoins.ee.

1 phone = 15 EcoCoins


Say no to plastic bags.
Buy a paper or cloth one, take a photo from the check and send to us on activity@ecocoins.ee.
The check must contain a date for the current month, number and title about paper/cloth bag.
1 paper/cloth bag = 1 EcoCoin

1 bag = 1 EcoCoin


Bring your old batteries to us and get EcoCoins.

1 battery = 1 EcoCoin


Bring your bottles back, take a photo from the check and send to us on activity@ecocoins.ee.
The check must contain a date and number for the current month.
1 bottle = 1 EcoCoin

1 bottle = 1 EcoCoin

Invite Friends

Fill the form, invite your friends and get EcoCoins.

1 invited friend = 1 EcoCoin

Like Us

Click the Like button on our page "Ecocoins" on Facebook and get 1 EcoCoin.

1 like = 1 EcoCoin


Please help us to improve our website. Fill the quizzes and get EcoCoins.

1 quizz = 5 EcoCoins

Help the birds to find their new home !

You can earn EcoCcoins if you buy or make yourself a nesting box. Send us photos of a process of creating the nesting box and then where it is installed or buy it from local store, install it and send us photo of receipt and photo if installation. For each nesting box you will get 10 EcoCoins!
Photos send to our email : activity@ecocoins.ee

1 nesting box = 10 EcoCoins

Feeding box

Many of us hang bird feeders next to their windows. By this way we can get a little closer to nature, watching the life of birds and listen to their singing. EcoCoins team wholeheartedly supports this initiative and gives ecocoins to all who will install bird feeder or nesting box. Please send us photos on an email activity@ecocoins.ee as you did the trough (or receipt, if it was purchased in the store), and a photograph of a ready installed feeder or nesting box
For each bird feeder you get 5 EcoCoins and 10 gor nesting box

1 Feeding box = 5 EcoCoins

Tweet Us

Tweet about EcoCoins using #EcoCoins hash tag and get one coin.

1 tweet = 1 EcoCoin

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